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Product No.: IF-DD109725
Manufacturer:Epic Effect
Set of Teeth - Grimm FX Fangs 2.0

No matter if you want to play the role of an orc, a zombie or any other LARP character, this set of teeth will make your transformation even
more perfect! They can of course be worn alone, too (like for fun at a party). Each set is handmade and therefore unique, consists of
biocompatible plastic and covers only the front of your teeth for a comfortable fit.

Included are:

- two teeth parts, one for upper and lower jaws

- a small bag of fitting plastic granules, to attach the teeth parts to your own teeth

- a detailed instruciton manual

Rinse the teeth well in warm water before using and after use clean the appliance very well with eg. 70% alcohol and a soft brush to kill any bacteria that has built up during use.


- Material: 100% plastic

- Height: approx. 1,5 cm per alignment

- Weight: approx 12 g


- Not suitable for permanent use!

- Do not eat or sleep while wearing this product!

- Do not use this product over braces or any other dental work1

- Do not use toothpaste for cleaning!

- Store cool and dry after use.

- Not suitable if you are under 18 years.

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