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Product No.: IF-524501
Manufacturer:Epic Effect
Prosthetic Power Glue

A very strong water based power glue to attach your prosthetics. This glue is non-toxic, contains no perfume and no artifial color. After use the glue a
forms a strong clear water resistant bond to the skin that helps to keep the prosthetic where you want it to be. Can more or less be applied where ever you
need it and of course especially in your face or your ears. Due to the hight percentage of water in this product it can also be used if you have a
sensitive skin type.

How to use:

Clean the skin and prosthetic with rubbing alchol. After that apply a thin layer of glue to your prosthetic with an applicator. Let it dry
completly until clear and repeat the process again with a second layer. Apply the prosthetic in the desired position and hold in place for ten seconds..


- Ingredients: Water, acrylic emulsion

- Content: approx. 50 ml

- Price per 100 ml: 25.90 Euro


- Keep away from your eyes (in case of contact clean your eyes with lots of water).

- Do not swallow (if swallowed drink lots of water).

- Keep away from children.

- Store closed bottle in a safe place.

Shipping weight: 0.30 kg

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