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Army Tent Anthonius, Wall Tent, 4 x 4 m, 425 gsm, natural-coloured

From antiquity to Middle Ages, modern history or American Frontier period, this military tent is suitable for any era. It may see service as a group tent, a field hospital or for the storage of provisions and trading goods, to mention but a few. With dimensions of 4 x 4 m and an inner height of approx. 2.25 m, it is generously sized and offers ample space for 4 to 6 occupants. The side walls are approx. 60 cm high. The bottom edge closes all the way around with a sod cloth. The tent can be opened on bothsides and closes quite simply with eyelets and loops. Only 3 people are required to pitch it swiftly in just a few simple steps. The poles are sectional, making it possible to transport the tent even in smaller vehicles.

The historical army tent Anthonius is waterproofed and treated against mildew and mould. The 425 g/m2 thick pure cotton canvas is particularly robust and tear-resistant but still very affordably priced, making this tent an indispensable pieceof equipment for medieval markets, military camps or LARP events.

Delivery includes all accessories needed for the proper setting up and fastening of the tent.

- Dimensions: approx. 4 x 4 m
- Entrance height: approx. 2.25 m
- Inner height: approx. 2.25 m
- Weight: approx. 31 kg

Scope of delivery:
- 1 tent skin
- 2 sectional vertical poles from iron, approx. 2.25 m
- 1 sectional ridge pole from iron, approx. 4.00 m
- 8 large tent pegs
- 10 small tent pegs
- cotton guy-ropes with tensioners

Our Army Tent Anthonius is available in two different sizes:
- 3 x 3 m
- 4 x 4 m

The pictures show the tent in size 4 x 4 m.

All measurements are approximate and may differ from the actual product supplied. The tents are crafted by hand, which lends theman authentic appearance on the one hand, but may also result in one or two small defects on the other hand. Cotton is a naturalmaterial that reacts differently depending on the various outside conditions and can considerably shrink or expand. So the ironpoles included in delivery may not fit straightaway into the designated holes. It might in certain cases be necessary to somewhatshorten the poles to size. Please do not try to stretch the tent skin by force, as it increases the risk of the canvas tearing orthe stitches snapping.

Important information on assembly, handling and maintenance of our historical tent:

You can prolong the life of your Wall Tent and enjoy its use for a further long time by observing the followingprecautions:
Do not overstretch the ropes, for natural materials such as wood or cotton alter under the influence of air humidity andneed space to contract and expand. You may thus avoid e.g. that the roof holes for the poles get distended and ultimatelyfacilitate water ingress. We recommend slightly slackening the ropes in the evening, for air humidity considerably rises at nightand may increase the risk of excessive stress exerted on your tent. The ropes should also be somewhat slackened in rain or highatmospheric humidity.
If the tent has been exposed to humidity, we strongly advise you to dry it after use, as it is otherwise likely to mould.
Do not, on any account, use detergents or any other cleaning products to clean your tent. The best way to remove dried out dirt isto use a brush.
As for the storage of your tent over an extended period of time, please separate all accessories (pegs, ropes, etc.) from the tentitself and preferably pack everything separately. Make sure that all items are dry and stored in a dry place.

Do you have any further questions concerning the setting up or proper use of your tent? Please don't hesitate to write or call,we'll be pleased to assist!

Shipping weight: 45.00 kg

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