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Medieval Three-Piece Cutlery Set, hand-forged, incl. leather pouch

This hand-forged set of medieval cutlery is composed of a knife, a two-pronged fork and a spoon. Each piece features a shapely wrought, twisted handle.

In the Middle Ages, such cutlery sets were a staple of any traveller's gear, a fact reflected in their German name - Kutscherbesteck or Fuhrmannbesteck - which literally translates to coachman's cutlery or waggoner's cutlery.

The 3-piece set comes complete with a double stitched case / pouch made of brown suede.

Although this nice, rustic travel cutlery set is not rust-proof and hence not food safe, it is still a great addition to any medieval reenactor's equipment and an ideal prop for medieval markets / camps and reenactment, living history or larp events!

- Material: forged iron (not stainless)
- 3-piece set consisting of a knife, a fork and a spoon
- Incl. brown suede pouch
- Knife: approx. 21 cm / 80 g
- Fork: approx. 23 cm / 65 g
- Spoon: approx. 20.5 cm / 80 g
- Total weight (incl. pouch): approx. 285 g

Legal notice:
Not suitable for direct contact with food.

The Swedish company SPQR offers a wide range of historical replicas. SPQR stands for Senatus Populusque Romanus (Engl. The Senate an People of Rome) and is a fitting name for a company specialized in the reproduction of artefacts reaching from the Roman era to the Renaissance period. SPQR has committed itself to making high-quality reenactment and battle-ready products available at affordable prices. The entire product line is made to historical specifications. Each piece is modeled on illustrations and photographs from historical books and museums, and SPQR works in close cooperation with a number of Viking and medieval reenactment groups in Scandinavia, Germany and the UK to jointly develop the most authentic products possible.

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