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An Early Meal - A Viking Age Cookbook & Culinary Odyssey
by Daniel Serra and Hanna Tunberg

An Early Meal - a Viking Age Cookbook and Culinary Odyssey is more than just a Dark Age cookbook. It is a combination of a textbook on early medieval culinary practices and mouthwatering recipes based on archaeological finds and experimental archaeology in Northern Europe.

The book is a result of a 15 year long collaboration between research and experiments of Daniel Serra, culinary archaeologist - experimental archaeologist and doctoral student - and the culinary skills and palate of Hanna Tunberg - foodie, sommelier and archaeologist.

A cookbook and culinary factbook based on what we know today about the Viking Age food culture. Both the recipes and the factbook part are based on finds, literary sources, other contemporary sources and experimental archaeology.

In the first part of the book the authors presents the food of the Viking Age. They describe what one may have eaten during the early middle ages, how the food was prepared and the practices that surrounded eating the food. This chapter is based on the yet to be finished doctoral thesis by Daniel Serra, archaeological finds from the period across Scandinavia and a range of various other sources.

The second part is a cookbook presented as a journey through Viking Age Scandinavia with 42 different recipes divided into seven geographical areas. The recipes are based upon archaeological finds and experimental archaeology bound together by the combined archaeological and culinary expertise of Daniel Serra and Hanna Tunberg. Almost all dishes can be cooked just as easily in the kitchen as out in a re-enactors camp.In addition to the background material and the actual cookbook, there are some very interesting appendixes. Not only do we include an Encyclopedic part, which act as a quick reference guide to both food and cooking equipment, there will also be a list of plant finds and a reference for translation of plants, fish birds and other ingredients between English, Latin, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and German.

- Language: English
- 192 pages
- 44 recipes
- 67 images and 80 illustrations
- Published2013

The Authors:
Daniel Serra

Historical food in all its forms has been a part of Daniel Serra's life since 1994. As a young archaeology student, he sampled the flavours of ancient Rome by recreating dishes from the Roman cookbook by Apicius. This first encounter with tastes from the past led to a great curiosity for historical foods and a profound academic interest in culinary history. He has since studied, reconstructed, lectured, cooked and tasted his way from Iron Age to Renaissance food, and is now considered an authority on Viking Age and Medieval food by museums and re-enactors in Scandinavia.
Daniel's research spans from the Viking Age to the Renaissance and is concentrated on taste, culinary practices and the role food has played in ancient societies. Through archaeological findings, written sources and experimental cooking projects, he has acquired the comprehensive knowledge that is the basis for his doctoral dissertation and the Viking age cookbook An Early Meal, in which he gives us a taste of history. With Daniel?s own words: We meet, remember and express ourselves through food. Culinary culture allows us to understand and experience the world around us.
As an experimental archaeologist, Daniel was employed to reconstruct Viking Age food at Lofotr museum in Lofoten 2010, and Renaissance food at Glimmingehus Museum 2011. (eldrimner.wordpress.com) For the last ten years Daniel has given lectures, courses, workshops and consulting about food archaeology and culinary history through his company Memento-Past Food.
Hanna Tunberg
is a food lover, or as she puts it, Slave under the pleasures of the palate and the yearning of the taste buds for new experiences. Not only has she got a master's degree in Medieval Archaeology but she is also a graduate of the Sommelier School in Malmö (WSET), and is one of the few authorized judges of beer and whisky in Sweden.
Taste and food culture has always been a major part of Hanna?s life, and in working with food history she has tasted her way through over thousand years of the past. Her intense interest in taste, culinary balances and the fine nuances of spices has lent itself to many interesting insights, both when creating new dishes, as when recreating tastes and dishes from the past. Her wide knowledge into current and traditional food culture has given her many opportunities to give lectures and workshops on a wide array of food oriented themes, without letting go of her practical interest in culinary experiences of the past.

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