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Product No.: IF-HU703420
Manufacturer:Epic Armoury
LARP Bow Glove for right-handed archers, black

Please notice:
This bow glove is for a right-handed archer and is worn on the left hand (the one over which the arrow runs)!

Bow glove for archers made from black leather, is worn on your left hand over thumb and forefinger and can be closed with a velcro strip.If your bow doesn´t own an arrow resting place (which is not unusual for a historical bow) a bow glove will prevent injuries to the backof the hand caused by the bow springs.

- Material: 100% Leather
- Colour: black
  also available: brown (IF-HU703421)
- Available sizes: S, M, L, XL

Sapprox. 17 cm
Mapprox. 18 cm
Lapprox. 19 cm
XLapprox. 20 cm

Please notice:
Adult supervision is required for children to operate any bow. Never shoot at people or animals. Keep both bow parts and arrows away from the eyes.This product contains a flexible fiberglass core which should not be used if damaged or broken. Do not try to self-repair the bow, discard if signsof stress appear. Do not leave in the sun or near a source of heat. Do not shoot damaged arrows, especially in case of damaged pads.

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