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Plain Greaves, black/brown

The Danish LARP weapons manufacturers Palnatoke are not only known for the outstanding quality of their foam weapons but alsofor their premium leather works. No matter whether you need bracers or greaves, sword belts, hangers or scabbards, gloves or quivers,Palnatoke?s leather goods are not only sturdy and comfortable, but also stand out through well thought-out and appealing designs.

- Delivery includes: 2 pieces (= 1 pair)
- Material: cowhide
- Colour: black/brown (also available in brown or black)
- Available in two sizes (M, L)
- Weight: approx. 980 g (M), 1180 g (L)
- The greaves are adjustable in size by means of buckles and straps. The size chart below thus shows the minimum and maximum circumferences.
SizeLengthWidth at ankle Width at calf
M29.5 cm23.5 - 29.5 cm 23.5 - 29.5 cm
L33.5 cm29 - 33.5 cm29 - 33.5 cm

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Also available: matching bracers.

Palnatoke stands for high-quality LARP products made in Denmark.
The company was founded in 2002 by enthusiastic live action role-players who were disappointed by the weapons available on the marketat that time. They committed themselves to making the best latex weapons ever seen. And indeed, Palnatoke's larp weapons belong tothe best ones in the world today. The company is not only renowned for its durable latex swords and daggers but also offers a widerange of leather accessories such as belts, sword holders, scabbards, bracers and greaves.
Palnatoke, also written Pálna-Tóki, was the name of a Danish Viking chieftain, founder of Jomsborg and the famous brotherhoodof the Jomsvikings. He was the foster father of Sweyn Forkbeard who was at feud with his biological father, King Harald Bluetooth.Palnatoke eventually killed King Harald with an arrow, thus enabling Sweyn Forkbeard to accede to the throne of Denmark.

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